Are you travelling interstate?

Seniors Card Directories relevant to each State and Territory are available at the Seniors Card Offices listed below. These Directories can also be viewed online to help you take advantage of discounted goods and services as you travel. The ACT Seniors Card can be used throughout Australia at participating businesses.

Seniors Card Offices

ACT Seniors Card
Ph: 02 6282 3777

NSW Seniors Card
Ph: 13 77 88

NT Seniors Card
Ph: 1800 441 489

QLD Seniors Card
Ph: 13 74 68

SA Seniors Card
Ph: 1800 819 961

TAS Seniors Card
Ph: 1300 135 513

VIC Seniors Card
Ph: 1300 797 210

WA Seniors Card
Ph: 1800 671 233

ACT Seniors Card and NSW Opal Card

ACT is the first jurisdiction to link with NSW Opal Card. Your ACT Seniors Card number is uniquely linked to your NSW Opal Card which allows ACT Seniors Card holders access to concessional fares in NSW.Please note: When replacing a lost or damaged ACT Seniors Card it is also necessary to reapply for a NSW Opal Card as your Seniors Card number will change.

Interstate Travel

Information on Senior’s transport concessions in other States and Territories around Australia can be found on the following websites.
Opal card NSW
Trains and coaches NSW
Perth, WA
South Australia
Northern Territory


ACT Interstate Seniors MyWay card

Seniors Card holders from other states and territories in Australia can apply for an Interstate Seniors MyWay card.

Interstate MyWay card holders receive the same concession fare as ACT seniors and MyWay pension card holders and are able to travel for free during off peak times as part of an ACT Government trial. Interstate card holders are not eligible for the over 70s free travel.

Interstate Seniors Card holders can also show the bus driver their Seniors Card and purchase a cash concession fare (currently $2.40 per ride).c


How to apply

Applying from interstate

Interstate Seniors MyWay cards can be applied for in advance from COTA ACT.

To apply, lodge this form with a copy of your State/Territory Seniors Card and a copy of a document with proof of your address (eg drivers license, proof of identity card) via:

Mail to: COTA ACT, Hughes Community Centre, 2 Wisdom St Hughes ACT 2605

Email to: 

An Interstate Seniors MyWay card will then be mailed to you. Please allow up to 10 business days from receipt of your application to receive your card.


Applying in person

For Seniors Card holders already in Canberra, Interstate Seniors MyWay cards can be obtained from:


Putting credit on your Interstate Seniors MyWay Card

Interstate card holders will need credit on their card to use it on Transport Canberra buses.

Credit can be purchased through a MyWay Recharge Agent:,  Access Canberra Service Centres or online:

Allow 3-5 days for credit to apply to your card via online top up. The funds will then transfer to your travel balance when the MyWay card is presented at a MyWay console. 

Please note: COTA ACT are unable to load credit, or check the balance of cards.